It’s My Right to Get High


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It's My Right to Get HighLIONEL NY’s PIX 11 News Commentary Aired: February 4, 2012 Big pot bust in the Bronx. What a waste of police man power. It’s beyond insane.

3 comments on “It’s My Right to Get High

  1. SatanistSin on

    Being high isn’t illegal. It’s just the sale, purchase, and possession of certain substances/objects that gets you high that’s illegal. Of course extremely high people can be held for detox, but the same is true for being too drunk.

  2. Kothlim on

    We’re allowed to get completely shit faced legally. Why not get high legally? Pot has way less health risks than oh say, cigarettes.

  3. LunkwillFook on

    850.000 arrests are biiiiiiiig business for private prisons and slave labor in them. Don’t forget all the social workers, snitches, piss detectives, judges, correctional officers. And you can scare the shit out of the sheeple with almost any rabbit you can yank off the governments’ ass.
    We will never see freedom of choice, so why give a frak?

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