Idyllic scene precedes marijuana bust in Nashua, NH


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Sponsor: – Here’s how things looked in “New Hampshire’s Most Underrated Community” before the massive cop raid at Main and Amherst. Nashua was the scene of the latest marijuana rights showdown in the “Free State.” How you can help the NH liberty movement from any location: How to buy an advertisement on the Ridley Report: liberty forum ron paul 420 celebration ridleyreport rich paul new hampshire Catherine Bleish lola ladies of liberty alliance staters calendar girls free state project marijuana pot bust nh laws dave ridley report open cary liberty freedom live free or die downtown nashua new hampshire central square neighborhood, homies libertarian martin luther king black community naacp christopher king racial issues police cops arrests chiefs civil disobedience gandhi jail. marijuana pot bust cannabis drug war on drugs cops police protest civil disobedience ron paul free state projece new hampshire

25 comments on “Idyllic scene precedes marijuana bust in Nashua, NH

  1. AngieAntiTheist on

    Nonviolent protest to unjust laws is something I definitely approve of, although I wouldn’t personally do the public smoking act. Too many years of living in crazy repressive Florida.

  2. Electricspaceodyssey on

    5:45 condoning using a mind altering substance while operating a motor vehicle seems more COUNTER productive then PRODUCTIVE in the name of legalization… thats definitely NOT the message we need to be putting out there – too bad you guys couldn’t see that. :-/

  3. therealOG328 on

    ahahahahahahahahahaa 1:30 “i would support an-ny law en…for…cer who arrest these guys, smoking marijuana be-cau…. blah blah retardedness”

  4. libertarianjury on

    Notice how the abject idiot @1:20 who defends drug prohibition backs away from his position when it comes to the defense of the brutality implicit in drug prohibition. LOL. I don’t think the guy has to worry about damage to his “bwain”. LOL

  5. libertarianjury on

    Notice how the abject idiot @1:20 who defends drug prohibition backs away from his position when it comes to the defense of the brutality implicit in drug prohibition. LOL. I don’t think the guy has to worry about damage to his “bwain”. LOL

  6. william0873 on

    Guy seemed like a typical sheeple. To them it seems they want to have an opinion but don’t bother with checking the facts before parroting out what they see on tv which is mostly lies or extremely exaggerated bits of truth. If you look up medical marijuana on wikipedia it gives links to a lot of reports. If we could just stick to the Constitution, legalizing could be handled on a state by state basis w/o fed thugs coming in to rob farmers or smokers,overcrowding prisons n creating real criminals

  7. modockid on

    not to belittle a person who has a disability but the guy who was interviewed should be in agroup home for people who have mental disabilities , he wants the sitizens to pay to arrest people who want there freedoms to smoke pot , sounds like he’s been droppin acid

  8. kungfuwookie on

    So..acting foolish and like children throwing tantrums helps change laws? You realize you hurt every cause you go to?

  9. MrSleeps on

    first off i think we should tax and regulate and i also think we have the right to bear arms but when you are trying to do a peaceful protest the presence of guns just gives the cops more to feed off of my personal opinion is that it would have been a better idea to leave the side arm at home for this kind of protest.

  10. Smoothcurvess on

    Really? So most of these people aren’t even from Nashua. . and they are out there smoking. . .so after this is over. . .while they are still high, they will be driving away. . . . .So explain how this is a peaceful rally?

  11. fczwartek on

    An minor (17 yrs old) was busted for smoking marijuana at this event according to the Nashua Telegraph.

    Nice work free staters.

    Your irresponsible behavior will do more damage to the de-crim movement than 1000 Nashua police officers could ever hope to achieve.

  12. LibertyPictureFrames on

    Well it seems you are wrong. It looks like there are a bunch of people who use cannibis are highly motivated… no pun intended. 😉

  13. Malthus0 on

    The guy at 2:09.

    “Its a drug and it does things to your brain”

    LOL He might as well give it a go I don’t think he has much to loose.

  14. fczwartek on

    I hope they weren’t mixing the two….

    But that was not the case at other pot smoke outs… happened frequently in Keene last fall. Did these people suddenly grow a sense of responsibility over the winter?

    Mixing guns and drugs is not ok… and the FSP, decrim prponents, and other libertarians should tell their friends that its a stupid thing to do…..especially in public.

  15. sk8ergangsta2003 on

    @fczwartek, well really if you think about it they arent driving the gun…. theyre not going to stop paying attention to their gun and have it randomly shoot a round off… and I didnt say it was ok, i said they werent mixing the two…

  16. fczwartek on

    I hope the person who was shown carrying a gun at the pot smoke out was a responsible individual who had the decency and common courtesy not to get high while carrying in public.

    You agreed that getting high while operating a motor vehicle is a bad idea…. why does it suddenly become “ok” if you substitute a gun for a automobile?

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