Harry Browne – Why Drugs Should Be Legalized


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Harry Browne - Why Drugs Should Be LegalizedThe former Libertarian presidential candidate puts forward a highly compelling case to end the war on drugs.

15 comments on “Harry Browne – Why Drugs Should Be Legalized

  1. Peter Cohen on

    Borrowed time for the war on drugs? That was 12 years ago and there is absolutely no budging from either of the two monopoly parties. There are too many people who profit from drugs, and I am not talking about just the criminals. The corruption of politicians supporting these special interests is absolutely rampant.

  2. calctube on

    “If I am elected president, on my first day in office I will give an unconditional pardon to every federal prisoner who was convicted of a nonviolent drug offense.”
    This should be the standard position for any libertarian running for president.

  3. Kritiker9 on

    numbers (!) of drug users than and now / smoker and cancer deaths / cigarette smoker compared with weed smoker / spendings on advertising of each drug ..

  4. Michael Haimerl on

    Seeing those old videos and realizing that it’s still like that today makes you wonder if things will ever change.

  5. IsItTheBagel on

    I wouldn’t say that about the ‘average person’. It really depends who you talk to. I feel like this next generation (born 1980s+) definitely know A LOT more about drugs and just how “bad” they actually are.

  6. HuxleyWasRight on

    think about how many peoples salaries now depend on drugs staying illegal, the criminals and the state both have a stake in keeping drugs illegal.

    there so much wrong with the drug war, but i don’t see things changing any time soon, speak to the average person and they’re fully behind the drug war, they don’t understand it, all they know is “drugs are bad”.

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