GARY 7:drug bust arrest marijuana police drug bust marijuana


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GaryMarijuanaPotDoll asked:

—-GET HIGH? then click SUBSCRIBE—-for Gary 7 video: gary’s police girl moves in and drug busts gary buying marijuana police style. Arrest a sure gary buys marijuana drug and gets bust – arrest for drugs and possession. Weed pot drugs video bust.

23 comments on “GARY 7:drug bust arrest marijuana police drug bust marijuana

  1. acamogirl on

    All Americans check out my channel,
    learn of my trip cross Country to gather signatures for the immediate re-legalizaton of Marijuana as it pertains to our Constitutonal Rights, as well as gathering signatures for the immediate release of Marc Emery, as Under the United States Constitiution he has commited no crime. There are no victims. get involved, come see me as I visit a city near you this Spring, Summer, and Fall

  2. qazwsx12369 on

    Weed rules, hehehe. there’s this song about weed here in youtube entitled KUMARENG JUANA hehehe it sounds really “high”…it’s in Spanish though I think. Addicts!!

  3. RLSH0W on

    hha this ones pretty entertaining. subscribed. richard leigh dosent subscribe just anyone so feel honored….or dont.

  4. neuroromancer on

    That’s the best fucking laugh I’ve had since I’ve stopped coughing.

    Out of reefer? Smoke yer ya phlegm ya cheap fuck!

    Seriously, stuff like this will put Reefer Madness out of business. I’m new to this site. I’m glad I saw this. Keep the laughter flowing, Gaaaaaaaareeeee!

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