Felicia Day Makes Soap!


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Felicia Day Makes Soap!Special Thanks to Jennifer Hardaway & Klean Spa! @KleanSpa The Flog: Who Dropped the Soap?!: Subscribe to Geek and…

50 comments on “Felicia Day Makes Soap!

  1. isabelcftm on

    i love how the woman sometimes just stands there listening Felicia talk with a face like “she’s so weird” LOL i love you Felicia s2

  2. TornadoCreator on

    Felicia is adorable and clearly very fun to be around, but that woman Jen was clearly irritated by her happy nature. She also has quite clearly never seen Fight Club, props on Felicia for the reference, and double props for pushing it just enough to be awkward, it was very fun to watch.

  3. thegrumpsh on

    everyone knows the first step to making soap is rendering fat. and the best fat comes from people.

  4. pshmstr on

    im a little disappointed, got here from a video where you talked about how to handle trolling on youtube. but youre still awesome and id totally sleep with you 😉

  5. 9753241860hb on

    lol everytime I see the intro at 0:01 I know it supposed to be some coal cart or something like that. but it looks like Jabba the Hutt is riding that cart lol XD

  6. seniorortega on

    WTF why no show the soap? I’m really ADD about not seeing the finished product at the end…this really rustles my jimmies.

  7. Warlord Paul on

    Human fat does make the best soap. True story. I won’t use anything else. If you live near a cosmetic surgery clinic, they don’t even need to die first.

  8. rainbowdrinkemo on

    “Felicia Day Makes Soap!” read: Felicia Day reshapes and scents premade soap. Not quite as exciting.

  9. timmyg1985 on

    Your charms were really lost on this lady, but kudos to her for dedicating her life to making the world smell nicer with soap.. if only we could get the bogans to use the stuff! Soap needs better marketing.

  10. Asheron73 on

    lmao I love how Felicia wipes her hands on the lady’s back/hair at the end and then does a payback laugh and nod lol

  11. sensu28 on

    The Flog, funny forever.

    I would really love to make that typical snarky, snide YouTube comment we all know and try to ignore, concerning F.D.’s effort to make designer soap. However, I am now snark-comment ineligible, having burned a bag of microwave popcorn by simply pressing the button marked “popcorn” on my (obviously possessed) microwave.

  12. dabundis07 on

    I’ve just discovered Felicia’s videos and omg!!! She’s just full of awesomeness… Plus she’s freaking adorable and beautiful!!! Omg 3:30 made my day, week, my life!!!

  13. pjvogmis1 on

    She said back in the beginning of January that she will be shooting on location (movie or tv show) for a couple of months. When her project is over, she will go back to doing the Trio Mios and the Introductions.

  14. EmilianaDarling on

    Oh my god, Felicia, that woman had no sense of humour. I’m not sure she knew what she was getting into having you make soap with her! You still made me laugh out loud with your awesome, though. Well done!

  15. mallamace on

    OMG Mr Skillzor7, that’s so horrible. Anything Felicia touches turns to gold. Ikea furniture, Cooking, anything. Get over yourself.

  16. SighMN on

    Maybe you should meet a few more girls. Felicia is kind of a neurotic mess from what I can tell, and I’m a psychiatrist! Plus most actors have some kind of narcissistic personality traits which would make them sometimes difficult to form long lasting and intimate relationships with.

  17. Emily Forster on

    If you’re telling the truth, that’s scary, ’cause you must be a seriously awful psychiatrist.

    A) I’m only 18 and even I know that you shouldn’t throw around psychological diagnoses on the internet, complete with offensive stereotypes, without even meeting the person that you’re talking about face-to-face.

    B) Felicia seems to juggle a heck of a lot of things. There’s no way she could pull this stuff off unless she was pretty darn stable underneath her somewhat quirky and hyperactive exterior.

  18. sacredsiren on

    Wow, that soap lady seemed a bit rude… Would love to see the finished soap, it’s like blue balls when you don’t get to see the finished product!

  19. leighmonty13 on

    yeah soap lady was dull and uninpressed with your humor so sorry for you,yes you can make it out of any animal fat includeing humman allso dureing the 2 wars they made high exsplosives from animal fat and bones

  20. Christopher Woods on

    Not only does Felicia need some soap she now needs some cold water quick for that BURN! Awesome. 😀

  21. Firefiles11 on

    Human fat soap used as in the movie “Fight Club”. I wonder which celebrity would be the first to market their own fat as soap?

  22. Echos De Xyion on

    Does Felicia knows that the nazi made soap from human fat from people in the camps. Her jokes are creepy…

  23. tml4873 on

    Making soap – a.k.a. taking already made soap and adding colours and fragrance to it and making it into a different shape.

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