Eugene Mirman Stand-Up 02/28/13 – CONAN on TBS


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Eugene Mirman Stand-Up 02/28/13 - CONAN on TBSEugene recently got a wake-up call; not the stop-doing-heroin kind of wake-up call, the kind you get in a hotel.More CONAN @ Team C…

47 comments on “Eugene Mirman Stand-Up 02/28/13 – CONAN on TBS

  1. indyfan22k on

    so he has a filthy mouth ? any comedian who use lots of profanity isn’t all that great, they have trouble expressing themselves usually and are poor writers. if you can’t get people laughing without droping f bombs and saying stuff you can’t say on tv then you and you’re audience is simple minded ,

  2. cashlessbread on

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  3. QajarCoffee on

    There is no sense of continuity to his set. That is not good at all. Some of the jokes are pretty weak as well. I think he can do better.

  4. cashlessbread on

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  5. Jeff Pina on

    oh my god i’ve been avoiding this video cuz i love Eugene mirman but the comments said he sucked…..this is pretty funny! yea the crowd is kinda dead but nothing noticeable except for the weak finisher….

  6. 11DRUMMERGUY on

    This guy is hilarious but this set wasn’t that good. The crowd really wasn’t into it.

  7. SuperRaysWeedPipe on

    First, you clearly don’t know who Eugene Mirman is, or you wouldn’t group him with clean comedians. Second, you reference fucking Dane Cook as a source for dirty comedians. There doesn’t exist a bigger hack thief than him. Third, you have no idea what exactly we’re discussing, as you attacked the wrong person. And last, no one with a brain thinks only dirty comedians are good. My point was that they shouldn’t be dismissed just because they curse. That’s why I referenced the comedians I did.

  8. walterreally on

    Did you just compare Bill Burr to George Carlin and Richard Pryor? Don’t get so carried away the next time.

    Now start your rant. Now.

  9. Daniel Bijan on

    I’m unemployed, married with 3 kids, and I’m doing videos on youtube (and you thought you were delusional?) Anyways, I just did a tutorial, HOW TO WRITE A JUSTIN BIEBER SONG IN 30 SECONDS, it would totally make my day if a few people could check it out. 30 seconds, it’s not like I’m asking for money

  10. HallowedError on

    Thing is he has to think about everything he says to make sure it’s TV appropriate which gives that slight uncomfortable delay which is amplified on stage.

  11. forlornspawn817 on

    Wow, so many “intellectuals” here analyzing comedy. How about everyone just stop over analyzing everything and just laugh at it if you find it funny. So what if it is simple or there is a pattern to what some comedians do. If a comedian is innovative, great, but why should they have to discover some unknown comedy particle and win the comedy Nobel prize in order to be considered funny?

  12. whatisthataninja on

    you truly are obssessed with my words – well its nice to have a fan – even if you are clealry a retarded dumbshit faggot jew. lol good day to you sir.

  13. MrCarsonVO on

    Trouble expressing themselves? They use fuck, shit, ass, cunt, damn, etc to express themselves.

  14. SuperRaysWeedPipe on

    You’re right. George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, Bill Burr, Louis C.K., Patton Oswalt, and many, many other comedians, just aren’t all that great because they have filthy mouths.

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