cop pushes medical cannabis protester


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shinobumeahara asked:

cop pushes a women protesting for the rights of medical cannabis as she is picking up her sign

25 comments on “cop pushes medical cannabis protester

  1. aporchmonkey on

    @jrotccadet32 No alcohol is moron. How many people have ever died from driving high? Or smoking a joint. I can go on forever with the amount of deaths through cigarettes and alcohol. Enjoy your cancer and true mind altering substance you fucking judgemental prick. You’re a fucking loser, go die. That is all.

  2. jrotccadet32 on

    Marijuana is a mind-altering substance, and should therefore be illegal. This cop is a hero for trying to disperse these ragtag hippies from spreading their bullshit ideals.

  3. shinobumeahara on

    Hahaha u guys are idiots, if you knew who it was recording you wouldnt be talking shit, the people in the sanfernando valley anyway. Long live CK!

  4. mindharp on

    damn the guy whose holding the cam is annoying as fuck, he’s on speed or something. these people are a bunch of pussys, so what he barely pushed the sign. quit being cunts

  5. jojodakoolio on

    Im all for marijuana rights, so fuck whoever made this video for making people like me look so bad.The cop barely pushed the sign even, it was more like an expression of pity…like”get outtaa here” Yet you freaked out about it so much, If you guys were protesting to get people informed about the facts of marijuana and how its legalization would actually lessen crime, gain tourism, it could be taxed…etc….you failed and only accomplished the demise of all potheads that live in that area….

  6. joepnte on

    What if those laws are unjust laws. Some extreme examples will show what I mean: the Law says you should put those people who’ve been loaded onto a truck into a gas chamber and turn on the gas that will kill them. Yet you know the people to be innocent. Would you follow that Law?

  7. joepnte on

    I get the impression that the Police Officers in this town don’t know the legal rights of citizens, NOR do they know their OWN legal rights.

    What would I do if I was one of the cops?

    NO WAY would I ask, “Are you going to put this on YouTube?”

  8. Hostiletakeover1 on

    im all for legalization and protest but the cop didnt do anything wrong there thats a stretch

  9. Killjoy192000 on

    totally. I’m all for marijuana legalization AND protesting. But why must these guys give all stoners the title of paranoid loudmouths?

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