6496 plants seized from rural property in Hope, BC


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6496 plants seized from rural property in Hope, BCMore on the War on Marijuana

4 comments on “6496 plants seized from rural property in Hope, BC

  1. MrDubDisciple on

    @dee07killer That is why we should be authorized to grow for ourselves, as responsible adults growing it like the plant it is. If you grow pot yourself your paying maybe 50 bucks a pound in supplies. Outdoor growing takes out the electricity costs as well as the potential setup costs for interior growing which in itself takes out the fire risks everyone is jumping on now.

    I want to smoke legal pot medically, not medical pot legally.

  2. dee07killer on

    @MrDubDisciple do you think that this would not happen without the profits? in my opinion this would probably have been a much bigger operation if the people doing it were intrested in the medical and industrial uses of the plant instead of the money that can be made from it.
    also what do you think is creating such huge profits for these type of growers?
    the illegal aspect makes things much more profitable
    the way to lower the price and stop these people profiting is to decriminalize

  3. MrDubDisciple on

    This is why we currently face the monopolization of marijuana production because a lot of Canadians have shown they will not abide by their license rules. This bust I hold little sympathy for as it was obvious they were growing entirely for profit.

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