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can i use the seeds in my marijuana to grow?

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James asked: yezirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! depending on where you are, it's about that time if you are an outdoor cultivist.. personally i would NEVER do anything like that because it's illegal and easy to spot out especially...

Outdoor Growing: Massachusetts?

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Pj D asked: I live in Massachusetts and i am going to grow Marijuana this spring. It is the 27th of March currently, and I am planning on planting a good variety of seeds in a forest near my house. I have never done t...

whats your opinion on the drug war?is it working?

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davekgarkie asked: Prohibition does not prevent cannabis use by children or the mentally ill, the vulnerable populations whom we supposedly want to protect. Instead, cannabis prohibition makes it more difficult for pa...

please help me 10 points to best answer marijuana?

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Nathen P asked: i have medical marijuana what is the best outdoor seeds that's strong and everyone likes because my friends hold a medical card to please help me

Can a few minutes of outdoor second hand marijuana smoke affect your drug test?

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asked: i was outside and was near some marijuana smoke for a few minutes and i'm paranoid that it would affect a drug test i had to take for work. Also, what seemingly harmless items could give you a false positive ...

What grow medium(s) will help marijuana grow faster organically outdoors?

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nita asked: Outdoor tempuratures are around 50s in the early morning and at night. During the day its in the 60s. I know its realy hard for it to grow. But Im not willing to put any pesticides or any thing like that s...

how long would it take me to piss clean for marijuana drug test?

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David L asked: i weigh about 255 but i workout about five times a week and do outdoor work too and sweat anywhere from 3-4 pound a day and drink at least 3/4 gallon of water daily. i weigh about 255 but i workout abou...

Medical Marijuana Question?

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rana asked: can i get ticked or arrested in California (Orange County) if i have right to carry Medical Marijuana? lets see if i have physician latter and ID on me and i have about 2-3gram on me. would that be a probl...

How to get work on legit medical marijuana farm in Northern California?

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xitsmike asked: I was inspired after reading the New Yorker article about the medical marijuana economy in California. I have always wanted to find work that will make me happy, which for me would be doing something w...

how cold can it get before marijuana plants die off?

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jeremy69_2005_2005 asked: I live in Canada BC, wondering if any 1 can tell me how cold it can get before I would have 2 bring outdoor marijuana plants in.