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Proud_Mommy asked: QUESTION about medicinal marijuana. Please help and thank you in advance! My husband has a severe foot problem and a doctor told him that he could give him a medicinal marijuana card however he woul...

Is there still a debate on Medicinal Marijuana use in Canada?

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mergi16 asked: I haven't heard anything lately in the news. Apparently the active cannabis ingredient is now available in many forms including pill, inhaler, spray, etc. Does this mean the medican marijuana debate is ...

Why would anyone reject the idea of medicinal marijuana?

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JoeyleeC. asked: So there's a 9 year old boy with cancer. Every few months he has to go to the hospital to get chemo, afterwards he's sick for days and can't eat. His mother could never find aid for him decided to let...

Why is the FDA avoiding medicinal marijuana, it’s sold in pharmacies as a regular prescription?

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Joe B asked: Insurance covers it like a regular prescription, but somehow it's not a prescription? Any prescription medicine MUST be FDA approved, the FDA is skirting this issue as more and more states legalize marij...

How is medicinal marijuana used?

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The Big Bean asked: i know u smoke it but whats it good for?

Why do you choose or choose not to support the legalization of medicinal marijuana by state law?

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A.B asked: Would you support or vote for the legalization of marijuana for federal law also? This is a serious issue, I feel we could save a lot of pain and suffering around the country and help some important illness...

Is Medicinal Marijuana the best kind?

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Yes asked: I heard somewhere that medicinal marijuana is the really really strong. Better than Kron...anyone know for sure?

how old do you have to be to get medicinal marijuana I severely messed up knee?

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john d asked: 10 months after surgery still hurts horrible plus i lost my meniscus (shock absorber between joints in the knee) also tore a lot more

who agrees that it is time to legalize medicinal marijuana?

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mrsindica asked: i myself have a great argument for it, but to keep my agenda out of the way i would like some unbiased answers...