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Is growing marijuana legal in your state/country?

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♥♥Proud Mum of 2♥♥ asked: It is legal ito grow 2 plants where i live but only for personal use, if you get caught trying to sell it or with it packed in bags for sale you get fined.

How do you get a job growing medical marijuana?

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Ms. J Jisatsu! ♥ asked: When I get older, I want to grow medical marijuana for a living. NOT sell it. NOT smoke it, but sell it to the government for medicinal purposes. Even if I have to work in a green house for the...

Free online game for growing your own marijuana?

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Kathleen Heart asked: Does any one know a free online grow your own marijuana program.Other then High grow it dosent work on my computer

Who just killed the question on growing marijuana indoors?

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RScott asked: Don't you know some people need it for medical reasons? Plus it's legal to grow in many places this forum serves. RScott

What should I do if my neighbor’s growing marijuana?

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jonathanbubbaclinton asked: I walked in the woods above my neighbor's house and saw a field full of it. I left immediately. Should I contact the police? I think he's a gun nut? What if he finds out it was me who calle...

How do you notice marijuana plants growing what give it away?

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kim asked: What do the buds look like

where can i find some marijuana growing naturally outside?

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Moe J asked: tell me some place that is in north america please

How do i grow and sell marijuana legally?

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timbo asked: I am a college student interested in growing marijuana for a living, I am going to a big time agricultural school. And i am majoring in agriculture. I want to know how do i go through starting a legal mar...

someone is caught growing marijuana, and it is their first offense?

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josmo asked: What will their sentencing be? I understand it is a 2nd degree felony, but if the person has no previous criminal record will the Judge be lenient?

how do people get caught growing marijuana in their house?

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Java asked: ok if people grow pot in their house, how do they get caught (aside from people who come over, see it and rat on them)? thank you, best answer will get 10 points would they be able to know if you had like...