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Almost Done

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OMG....fucking ***.... FUCKING ***** I dont know what happened but I said a lot of fucking fucks lol ok grow room is almost done flower room 8000 watts veg room 4000 watts pre veg 2x2 t5 i guess 8 x digital ballast - ...

Bill Hicks Marijuana Jokes

284 Views50 Comments -- Click to Get a FREE Apple iPad!!! Come to the Pope of Dope for all of your Weed Needs! Funny Stuff

marijuana outdoor spring crop and questions

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ask me questions ill answer, suggest videos you want me to do

Obama Jokes About Legalizing Marijuana

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tokin daily: inside the Pink House Blooms warehouse

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a tour of two rooms in a warehouse that has been dedicated to growing medicinal grade marijuana for the patients of colorado. a very big thank you to the owners/operators of the warehouse for letting us get a peak at ...

Marijuana Carbon Footprint

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A researcher says growing pot indoors consumes about 1% all of the electricity in the United States each year. Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure and Wes Clark discuss. Subscribe: TYT Mobile: On Facebook: On ...

We Remember Peter McWilliams

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Peter Alexander McWilliams was an amazing New York Times best-selling author, a poet, self-publisher, advocate and activist. He was an advocate of those suffering from depression. Peter championed the use of St. John'...

Mass Pot Raid in MT, WTF Obama?

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In Montana, the state's legislature is working on a bill that will repeal the state's medical marijuana law, which is currently being stalled. But in the meantime Federal agents have raided over ten medical marijuana ...

Marijuana with Sonny Bono: US Government Propaganda Film (3/3) (1968)

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1968 Watch the full film: Cannabis was used as a truth serum by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a US government intelligence agency formed during World War II. In the early 1940s,...

harvest part 1

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part of my outdoor marijuana harvest