Is growing marijuana legal in your state/country?

MegaMar September 1, 2010 32 26 Comments

♥♥Proud Mum of 2♥♥ asked: It is legal ito grow 2 plants where i live but only for personal use, if you get caught trying to sell it or with it packed in bags for sale you get fined.


MegaMar September 1, 2010 39 2 Comments

Proud_Mommy asked: QUESTION about medicinal marijuana. Please help and thank you in advance! My husband has a severe foot problem and a doctor told him that he could give him a medicinal marijuana card however he would like to know if it is legal to have it if he is a CLASS A Driver and... Read more »

My First Marijuana Grow Box W/ CFL Lights – Do it Yourself Beginner Marijuana Growing Part 2

MegaMar September 1, 2010 50 21 Comments

growsomeweednow asked: ► ◄ If you are looking for a place to buy high quality cannabis seeds at a fair price, check out this link! It’s where I always order my seeds. ► ◄ haze seeds hemp seeds herbal kush herbal vaporizer herbal vaporizers hindu kush hindu kush bud hindu kush buds…

Is there still a debate on Medicinal Marijuana use in Canada?

MegaMar September 1, 2010 69 1 Comment

mergi16 asked: I haven’t heard anything lately in the news. Apparently the active cannabis ingredient is now available in many forms including pill, inhaler, spray, etc. Does this mean the medican marijuana debate is over as no one actually needs to smoke it anymore? How effective are these pills and inhalers?

Indoor Marijuana Growing Setup – How to Grow Pot Seeds 3

MegaMar September 1, 2010 61 4 Comments

cannabiscultivate asked: ► ◄ If you are looking for a place to buy high quality cannabis seeds at a fair price, check out this link! It’s where I always order my seeds. ► ◄ big bud big bud seeds blueberry thc blueberry weed buds seeds buy marijuana buy marijuana seeds buy thc buy... Read more »

How do you get a job growing medical marijuana?

MegaMar September 1, 2010 66 7 Comments

Ms. J Jisatsu! ♥ asked: When I get older, I want to grow medical marijuana for a living. NOT sell it. NOT smoke it, but sell it to the government for medicinal purposes. Even if I have to work in a green house for the government! I just want to know how much profit you... Read more »

Free online game for growing your own marijuana?

MegaMar September 1, 2010 63 1 Comment

Kathleen Heart asked: Does any one know a free online grow your own marijuana program.Other then High grow it dosent work on my computer

John Holt – Police in Helicopter (+Lyrics)

MegaMar September 1, 2010 146 21 Comments

NovaUndergroudRadio asked: Yes boss, yes boss, yes boss, yes boss… Police in helicopter, a search fi marijuana. Police man in d streets, searching fi collie weed. Soldiers in d field, burnin d collie weed. But if you continue to burn up d herbs, we gonna burn down d cane fields. If you continue to burn... Read more »

Marijuana bust

MegaMar September 1, 2010 40 7 Comments

WTHITV10 asked: Marijuana bust

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