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1140 watt,LED,Buds are coming?

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Well once again,this is just another update on,my 1140 watt grow room,Budding is in 1st week.

Week 1 Of Flowering – Outdoor grow

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Week 1 of Flowering Medical Marijuana plant. First signs of Budding was 9/11/12 First Grow


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Pot heads are getting dumber according to tests. NO KIDDING! Who would have thought that marijuana made a person more dumb? Marijuana, marijuana effects, marijuana effects on the brain, effects of marijuana, Hurricane...

Kanpur: Farmers prefer to grow marijuana instead of wheat – NewsX

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Kanpur and its nearby areas are experiencing a new trend in farming these days. Facing losses and poor yields, farmers in the area are turning to growing marijuana in their fields. They are replacing their wheat crop ...

Hydroponics Grow Box System For Growing Weed At Home

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For more information, visit: This hydroponic weed grow box is designed to fit anywhere so you can grow marijuana at your homes without worrying about space. It comes with locking doors to ensure the safety of your pl...

Grow room setup

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cotton candy kush and White Widow Bud Room Update day 35 / 30

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Im here to pay back a little to the Grow Green Youtube community. I have gained a lot of knowledge from the Pro Marijuana Growers on Here. So Im here for comedy relief. I fuck up just about every other Grow. Ill share...

Medical Marijuana Outdoor Grow Trees harvest

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Here is a plant that got rot so we chopped it down and are gona make bubble bag hash out of it. Orange county ca

Outdoor medical marijuana clone

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Marijuana-plant, growing part 2…as big as they can get!!!(natural grown)

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In this video you see a Marijuana-plant that`s been pulled down to the floor to get more sunlight in the bottom branches. You can see the development of the up coming flowers that you can smoke. Also see my other vide...